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Tax Preparation Services


Get tailored help for your unique tax situation. Services include tax planning sessions to plan the best way to cut future tax bills and preparation of your Form 1040 and any related IRS forms.  We will get to know you and your situation to tailor our planning to meet your needs.

Business Tax Returns

Get expert tax services for your business. Services include tax planning sessions to chart a course for decreasing future tax obligations and preparation of your business’s tax return.  We want to partner with you to make decisions that will allow you to take advantage of every deduction available to you.

Other Services

Business Advisory

I offer various services based on your needs.  Call me today to schedule a Discovery Meeting to see how I can help your business.  This is not for everyone, it will require you to dig deep and commit time to the process.

With years of experience in multiple business industries and in public accounting, I understand most of the challenges small business owners run across and in to.  My plan is to walk you through questions to determine your wants, needs and desires for your business and your life.  Then I will help you set goals and accomplish them.

You have a vision for your business and that requires all of the best; the best talent, the best ideas and the best advisors.  You will encounter challenges along the way, it's my job to help you prepare for those challenges and overcome them before they become obstacles.

Part of planning for success is planning for succession.  You built your business or are building your business with a goal in mind.  Someday, someone else will run your business for you and that requires a plan.  I can help you build that plan and set your business up for successful succession.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Once you get your bookkeeping in order, get help creating financial statements and other operating reporting for your business. Use these financial reports to help with either internal purposes to help you make better business decisions, or for external purposes such as applying for a loan.

We can help you set up your books, correctly use the software or we can proide bookkeeping services to you.  We want to help you accomplish your goals.


Mona Wade is a skilled accountant with over 30 years of experience in the field of individual and business tax and accounting and can help you file your taxes and take advantage of all current tax laws and deductions.  Whether you are a small business just starting out or a larger, more established company, we've got the experience in a ever changing field to help you balance your books and prepare your tax returns.

If you or your business needs accounting help, call Mona Wade today.

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