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Tax Preparation Services

Business Tax Returns

Get expert tax services for your business. Services include tax planning sessions to chart a course for decreasing future tax obligations and preparation of your business’s tax return.  We want to partner with you to make decisions that will allow you to take advantage of every deduction available to you.


We are now able to onboard new individual tax clients.  Please feel free to call and schedule an appointment for an interview with myself or one of the team.  We are trained to help you with your small business (Schedule C), your rental properties (Schedule E) and any other tax items you may have.  We would love to help you only pay the tax you owe by enabling you to take all legal tax deductions.

Great News!

I am so excited to announce that I am now working with Glen Pier of Infinity Tax Advisors in Arden.  Our combined team brings extensive experience in tax preparation, strategy and tax resolution.  Working with a team of professional not only addresses the staffing challenges of the past few years, but it also enable us to take on new clients and expand offerings.  I will continue to provide you with the same great personal service you have come to expect in conjuction with the additional support and review staff.

I am looking foward to seeing you in my new office located at 3400 Sweeten Creek Road, Suite A in Arden (across from BB Barnes) after the first of the year.  My new office phone number is 828-681-8574.  Theresa Browning is the tax practice manager at Infinity and she is readily available during this transition to make things work smoothly.

We have a secure portal for you to upload documents for your tax preparation.  Save yourself time and gas, by uploading your documents and we'll prepare the returns, ask all questions necessary and call you when your returns are completed.

Business Advisory

Business Advisory

I offer various services based on your needs through my sister entity, Pathways 2 Abundance, Inc..  Call me today to schedule a Discovery Meeting to see how I can help your business.  This is not for everyone, it will require you to dig deep and commit time to the process and it could be painful.

With years of experience in multiple business industries and in public accounting, I understand most of the challenges small business owners run across and into.  My process is to walk you through questions to determine your wants, needs and desires for your business and your life.  Then I will help you set goals and accomplish them in the next year.

You have a vision for your business and that requires all of the best; the best talent, the best ideas and the best advisors.  You will encounter challenges along the way, it's my job to help you prepare for those challenges and overcome them without letting them become obstacles.

Part of planning for success is planning for succession.  You built your business or are building your business with a goal in mind.  Someday, someone else will run your business for you and that requires a plan.  I can help you build that plan and set your business up for successful transition.

These services will be provided under Pathways 2 Abundance Inc.  A corporation dedicated to growing your business!

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